Updates: Editing, vacation, and #DVpit

Hi Internet, it’s been a long time! I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth; I’ve just been wildly busy with all sorts of projects that I haven’t had time to actually sit down and talk about them. So, here’s a little update!

  • As of today, I’m now a member of the Editors Canada/Editors’ Association of Canada, which is exciting because I can now go to seminars and meetings and talk to other word nerds. Freelancing can get a bit lonely, even for the aggressively solitary among us, so the option of having a real-life network is really appealing.
  • I’m just coming off two weeks’ vacation, which was beautifully relaxing and deeply necessary.  I’m listing this among my professional updates because it’s way too easy to create an image and expectation of constant work that is both false and damaging. When I work too much and too long, I get sick and burned out. So in the very real and pressing interests of my ongoing professional life, I took a nice long break. Spent a chunk of it in Texas with friends, drinking on patios and talking about stories.
  • I’m incredibly excited to be helping out with #DVpit, a twitter pitch party for marginalized authors hosted by Beth Phelan at the Bent Agency . I’m offering help with twitter pitches and query letters, for free! There is definitely still time, so hit me up if you want to talk out your pitch strategy and query letters.
  •  As a result of some of the conversations that came about around #DVpit, I wanted a way to offer more material support to marginalized authors. So as a result, I am offering a permanent monthly PWYC editing slot for marginalized authors. It’s wretchedly expensive to hire an editor, and all the barriers that make it hard to get into the publishing industry also make it hard to make enough spare cash to hire a first pass editor. With the industry offloading a lot of the work onto authors and career development hard to come by, it’s often hard to even get noticed without pouring a lot of time and money into professional revisions. And so the cycle continues. My contribution is a tiny one, but I think it’s really important to offer solidarity. I owe a lot to people who stuck their necks out for me and did a heck of a lot of unpaid work, so it’s time for me to pay it forward. My ability to do this work is limited by my schedule and health, but I’m going to give it my best shot.







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