Editing Services


Editing Services focus on engaging deeply with the text to refine the expression of the author’s themes and ideas. As an editor, I work with you to bring forward the emotional and thematic core of your novel. Whether the issues in your writing are about story structure or sentence structure, I offer guidance, critique, and a listening ear that will help you grow your craft.


The First 60 Pages| $60 

If you’re not sure what kind of editing you need, this is the place to start. This service examines the first 15 000 words/60 pages of your manuscript for structure, pacing, plot, and characterization, as well as language use and technical grammar. It consists of inline manuscript comments and a short overall analysis of the work.


Query + Sample Critique | $100

Query critique plus the first 15 000 words/60 pages of your manuscript.

Manuscript Evaluation | starting at $0.01 per word

This evaluation addresses the manuscript as a whole: plot, character development, structure, pacing, etc. This package consists of an editorial letter and a one hour Skype conversation.

Developmental Editing | starting at $0.02 per word 

A developmental edit addresses all elements of the manuscript in depth and breadth. Like a manuscript critique, a developmental edit addresses plot, character development, structure, pacing, etc. It also includes detailed chapter and manuscript comments to illustrate areas for change and improvement.  This package consists of detailed manuscript comments and chapter notes, an editorial letter, and a two-hour Skype conversation.

Expert Reading: Disability | starting at $400 per manuscript

If you have disabled characters in your story and aren’t sure if they’re being portrayed well, this service is for you. I have an M.A. in Critical Disability Studies, as well as lived experience of disability and chronic illness. I will read your manuscript with an eye towards disability representation. I do not speak for all disabled people, and this is not a fact-checking service.  Rather, it’s an opportunity to discuss and reflect on disability representation in your story with a compassionate educator and expert. Expert reading consists of an editorial letter  and a one hour Skype conversation about your manuscript.

Line Editing | please contact for rates

Line editing corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation; it also attends to issues of clarity, flow, voice, repetition, word choice, and style. This is the word-by-word micro view of your manuscript that seeks to produce beautiful, polished prose.  Line editing consists of tracked changes to the manuscript. Sample edits are available.

Author Coaching | please contact for rates

Author coaching is an ongoing relationship that we can enter at any point in your writing process. It offers scheduling, structure, and accountability for your creative project, as well as ongoing developmental editing and Skype conversations as you write.

All prices in USD